Real Log Homes Team

Here at Real Log Homes, we believe that a company is only as good as the people who work there. We have an amazing, talented and dedicated group here. Many have been with us since the beginning! Meet some of the oldest ... and newest ... faces of Real Log Homes.

Jim Driesch
43 Years
Design Manager

Dianne Wilkinson
29 Years
Customer & Sales Support

Sheila Warren
28 Years

Tom Thornton
25 Years
Millwork & Timber Coordinator

Jeff Churchill
24 Years

Joelle Taylor
14 Years
Marketing Manager

Mike Pomeroy
14 Years

Teressa Prucha
11 Years

Bill Silverstein
7 Years

Austin Ward
7 Years
Regional Manager

Greer Ward
7 Years
Contract Services

Mike Heffernan
7 Years
Regional Manager

Bob Orth
7 Years

Travis Burns
6 Years
Production/Specialty Handwork

John White
3 Years

John Harper
3 Years
Regional Manager

Gen Cole
1 Year
Marketing Assistant

Emily St. Pierre
1 Year
Accounting Assistant